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A Premeditated Murder of Minutes


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-Russell Crowe

I can’t handle this again.  My heart isn’t strong enough for playoff hockey.

“ Rumble, young man, rumble.
Dig deep into the soil and climb
every tree, every obstacle and knock
down the opportunities that you thought
were owed to you, but then you
realized that nothing is owed
so you make it on your own.
Keep rumbling down the
mountain side, through
the cityscape and
past into the
night. ”

—    Alex Dang! (via wordsoftakumi)


hearing your favourite song on the radio is 5000x more exciting than hearing it on your ipod.

God, remember sitting for Hours listening to the radio with your finger on the record button, waiting for the perfect song, to make mix tapes? No? Fuck, I’m old.

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Why was this a thing that ever happened??  It hurts too much, make it stop.

4.16.14: Brandon Sutter scores to make it 4-3.

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First round playoffs predictions: I will cry a lot

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